Sage has announced the release of Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud Version 2021!

Enhanced security features

Sage added several pre-defined role templates to make it easier to create roles that are specific to your business. Role Maintenance now allows you to quickly assign and remove users to roles, apply changes to multiple roles, along with enhanced search, and filtering capabilities to find tasks and security options more easily.

These enhancements are not only more convenient, they make it easier for Sage 100 users to prove SOC compliance because they can run a report to show exactly who has access to what part of Sage 100.

Improved record keeping capabilities

Businesses are increasingly aware of their carbon footprint, and Sage 100 is evolving with you, providing more paperless features to enhance the speed and accuracy of your communications.

If you send orders, invoices, and other business documents through Sage 100, it now has a detailed log to help the confirm these emails are sent without any issues. Sage 100 now supports PDFs, Microsoft Word docs, JPEGs, and other file types to be associated to our journals and registers.

Expanded email options

Ease of use with your chosen email providers is now here.

Sage 100 now offers Oauth to authenticate SMTP email requests. Sage 100 customers who use email providers like Gmail or Outlook which require 2-step authentication can now use those email providers directly in the system.

Additional enhancements

  • Print all sales order recap reports at once – now, accountants can run all sales recap reports with just one click.
  • There’s a new Purchases Clearing from History Report that allows you to reconcile the purchases
  • clearing account at any time.
  • Purchase Orders module now displays line detail for receipt invoices in history.
  • NEC-1099 non-employee compensation form is now available in purchase order.

Launch of Sage Data and Analytics

Get actionable data faster, improve data confidence, and reduce IT costs with the powerful, easy-to-use business intelligence toolkit for Sage 100. Sage Data and Analytics gives Sage 100 users a powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence toolkit complete with live dashboards, graphical cashflow analysis and more—right out of the box.