Computer Networking Support

Network Business Solutions

eXEPLEX Certified Computer Network Engineers help businesses embrace technology with cost effective and flexible solutions. Through the careful evaluation of our client’s business models, we create relevant solutions that provide a strong foundation and support future growth.

Essential Business Services and Solutions

  • Project Management
    A single point of contact – one of our accredited project managers – organizes, manages, and documents each stage of a network implementation, relocation, or any networking- projects. With a clear statement of work, detailed plans, timelines, and weekly status reports, your project will be implemented on-time and within budget.
  • Network Design & Implementation
    eXEPLEX professionals will plan your network strategically, focusing on your business needs. They also perform a thorough needs analysis, at all enterprise-levels. We explore all infrastructure, and application options to maximize your installed capacity, minimize operating costs, and continue to meet your needs as you expand your business.

LAN Infrastructure Implementation and Support

  • Operating System (OS) Upgrades & Installs
  • System Upgrades & Installs
  • Desktop & Network Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive Network Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Outsourcing Options
  • Network Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Remote Network Management o Remote Access Solutions
  • Data Backup Solutions

eXEPLEX Enterprise Level Services

Internet Connectivity
eXEPLEX offers Internet connectivity for your business. Whether you need a low cost DSL line, a secure T1 with 99.99% guaranteed uptime, or a T3 for your enterprise, eXEPLEX has a solution for you. eXEPLEX professionals will manage the installation of your new high-speed line. Why bother with ISPs, Telco and network configuration. Leave it to the professionals.

Web Hosting Solutions
eXEPLEX offers the most stable and comprehensive web hosting services. Your web site is guaranteed never to be down. eXEPLEX through its relationships with Uunet, PSInet, HarverdNet, and other major 1st tier providers, can assist with your entire web hosting needs.

Every business using the Internet today must address security in some capacity, beginning with a security policy. eXEPLEX helps clients develop that policy, and engineers the enforcement of it using technology. Anyone using email or exchanging media in the workplace is at risk for corrupted files, making Virus protection an essential element of every network. Correctly configured anti-virus software with a consistent refresh plan significantly reduces this risk, while the implementation of a firewall as a protective device can provide even further protection. Products such as routers, radius servers, and stand-alone firewall servers can provide encryption, filtering, and authentication that satisfy the various levels of security placed on corporate data.

Remote Access
Remote access allows traveling executives, field sales/technical teams, and telecommuter’s access to a network anytime and anyplace. eXEPLEX provides low maintenance, turnkey solutions by setting up functions such as User Name/Password verification, security rights and automatic IP addressing authentication between two entry points. Virtual Private Networking (VPNs) A VPN is a cost-effective solution for clients who would like to provide WAN connectivity, LAN-to-LAN access and remote users access to corporate applications, data and email via secure, high-speed connections. VPNs take advantage of the Internet for long-distance connections to data networks. Creating a secure, encrypted connection from one server to another and back, VPNs avoid high costs associated with both dedicated leased lines between multiple offices and frequently traveling employees who dial-in from various locations.

eXEPLEX professionals implement messaging solutions beyond email capabilities that help users work together better. Products such as Microsoft Exchange, and Eudora WorldMail Server streamline in-house and external communications with features such as shared calendars, electronic scheduling, and support for multiple Internet email protocols, newsgroups, bulletin boards, public folders, and directory access.

Network Security Auditing
eXEPLEX offers award-winning security assessment, intrusion detection and security management solutions. An integrated set of standards-based, best-of-breed security solutions, our offerings provide comprehensive security support-from the initial planning stages of protecting your e-business assets to controlling threats and vulnerabilities and supporting overall analysis and decision-making processes. eXEPLEX auditing staff can review your company’s LAN and WAN. EXEPLEX offers internal network security audits, including user accounts policies, resource permission policies, and general network desktop security analysis.